Compassionate Creativity

Design studio by artist & native Appalachian Kayla Arielle located in Athens, Ohio. Lifelong passion, practiced skill, and natural talent is infused into every creation. Offering "groovy goods, freehand art, and damn good design" for Ohio and the rest of the world!

Art has always been a point of joy for me no matter the circumstance. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, utilizing that passion to help enhance the visions of other entrepreneurs means the world to me. Every client's dream deserves to be treated with the respect and care that my parents' dream deserved, and their parents before them. Both artistry and functionality are in my DNA; branding businesses in order to help them flourish in the the real-world combines it all so beautifully!

Your branding is the first visual aspect to speak to your audience. Who is your intended demographic? What are your intended visual connection keywords? How do you want your aesthetic to make them feel? What do you want your logo to communicate about you? What is your intended outcome pertaining to your audience? Let me help you answer all of these questions and help you fulfill your artistic needs. The process is intended to be fun with a reasonably quick turnaround time.

Oh, you have something more personal in mind? Whether we are talking a mural in your home (or business!), a charcoal portrait, a custom painting, or anything in-between, I'll bet I can help!

Consultation is free. Half of payment required before beginning project.

Last half paid after your final approval before files are sent.

Happiness guaranteed.


About Your Artist

Appalachian-born & -raised lover of nature & art whom traveled this beautiful country for a decade after attending the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, OH. I am now back to put down roots & live my passion for spreading aesthetic visuals like wildflowers! I received Most Artistic for Senior Superlatives 15 years ago, and here I stand today at 34 years old. Whether delighting folks with custom paintings or helping other entrepreneurs represent their dreams with style, I am here to help make your ideas reality.

I fought through aggressive rheumatoid arthritis to travel the country the past 10 years, living in amazing towns from Aspen, Colorado to Humboldt, California. I lived in Watts and South Central, settling in Long Beach for several years. Now back home in Southern Ohio, I continue to overcome the struggles that come with being a disabled single mother to a toddler, forever attempting to navigate my way with as much grace, growth, and glow as possible.

If you have ANY artistic needs, contact me today!

MORE: I am also the grateful founder of The Spoonie Sisterhood. More info and social links can be found at our new website I have designed at