Kayla Arielle
Kayla Arielle
Bloom With Me

Hi there! I'm an 18-year autoimmune patient, self-taught artist, flower freak, Cannabis medicine advocate, and the Founder of The Spoonie Sisterhood!



You are such a ray of light and encouraging resilience. Blessed to have you in my life through another form of social media!
— Lexi F. / member of The Spoonie Sisterhood
Your posts and feed are truly always sunshine. You’re a human-butterfly...
— Morgan M., member of The Spoonie Sisterhood
I just wanted to say thank you!! I’m glad that I’ve found your account, you inspire me and your photos and posts somehow make me feel understood. l was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid athritis as I was just 1 year old. Now I am 25 and a little over 2 years ago I discovered the healing effects of cannabis on my body. I use it as a little helper when I do some yoga practices or meditation. Unfortunately the plant is illegal where I live. I’m from Germany and the access to get it legal are complicated. Thank you for being so open. Have a nice day!
— All information withheld with respect
I just wanted to send u a personal message to let u know that your always-positive statuses are always popping up on my feed at the best times, and I want to thank u for that! I don’t really have a lot of family or support so just seeing your statuses and the things u go through with your head high and happy helps me a lot! I appreciate u for it! I wish u the best doll! Looking forward to your future uplifting posts ☺️ Thank u for them.
— Anonymous / 2017


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